Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bad Smoking Habits

Smoking itself is a bad habit, but if you can’t give it up, you can at least cut back on some of your bad smoking habits. Do you smoke in bed for example? That’s not only a bad habit but also a dangerous one, as many house fires start because someone fell asleep with a lit cigarette still between his fingers.

Reaching for a cigarette first thing in the morning is another habit which you should try to get out of. Try doing some deep breathing exercises instead. Smoking in the kitchen, especially when you are cooking is also something which should be avoided, as ash can easily fall into the food.

Not paying attention to when and how often you smoke is another bad habit and one which can mean you are smoking a lot more than you think. So make a note of every cigarette you smoke for a week and notice when you smoke unconsciously, that is without noticing you’re doing it. Once you are fully aware of your bad smoking habits, you can start to do something to change them and you should be able to cut down substantially in the process. If you smoke when talking on the phone, keep your cigarettes and ashtray out of reach. If you go out drinking with friends, make a conscious effort to smoke less – the pub is the place you are most likely to smoke too much.

Smoking around babies or children is another bad habit and one which could have serious consequences for their health, as passive smoking has now been proved to cause the same illnesses as active smoking. If you smoke in public places, then you need to be careful not to blow smoke in the faces of non-smokers around you as this is putting them at risk and is also extremely unpleasant as it can irritate the eyes and nose, as well as making their clothes smell.

If you can’t give up completely at least give up some of your bad smoking habits


english for science social said...

i agree that messageabout smoking is very bad habit and dangerous.Smoking around babies or children is also another bad habit and effect for their health.


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Bradley said...

Smoking itself is a bad habit. There are also other bad smoking habits such as smoking in bed, smoking in the morning, smoking around children and babies causes serious consequences since passive smoking has now been proved to cause the same illnesses as active smoking.
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