Monday, October 13, 2008


Smokers have made it clear that smoking does have its benefits, but all of the dangerous effects clearly outweigh any positive elements smoking may have. Sure you can lessen your stress and keep your weight down, but increasing your risk for such a high number of health risks just isn’t worth it. Knowing this, if you don’t currently smoke don’t pick up the habit. If you do currently smoke, pinpointing what you think are the benefits of smoking can be a very good way to help you quit. Doing this will allow you to replace cigarettes with a healthier alternative.

If you smoke to help fight stress, try going for a walk, playing with an animal, or taking time to do something you love instead of smoking a cigarette. Are you a smoker with depression? Taking a medication like Zyban will help you quit smoking by lessening withdrawal symptoms while also fighting depression. Are you afraid that when you quit smoking you’ll gain weight? Chew a piece of gum or have a piece of fruit or other healthy snack when your appetite kicks in.

If you’re a smoker and want more information on effective ways to quit, please visit the following link that has many useful tips:

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Smoking has many health deteriorating effects. Teenagers have become a victim of this which is negatively effecting their physical health.