Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Disadvantages of Smoking

Do you know quitting smoking is very easy, knowing how to quit it. It's just your mental thinking that is stopping you to stop smoking. There is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy available using which you can easily stop smoking without any side effects.

Smoking is very dangerous for your health. There are only disadvantages of smoking. I can't find any single advantage of smoking. However if you ask smoker, "Why do you smoke? What you will get by smoking a cigarette?" Well, they will tell you lots of benefits of smoking. Some of them are smoking makes you relax, smoking reduces stress etc...

Cigarettes are made using tobacco. Tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is very harmful drug for your health. When you smoke a cigarette, you are not taking only nicotine inside your body but you take thousands of other chemicals also.

At the time of smoking, you are taking carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in to your lung through tobacco burning. This carbon dioxide will be mixed with your blood and slowly it will reduce your efficiency of doing work. I mean you will feel tired. You cannot run as fast as non smoker can run. Smoking will create breath problems. Another problem with smoking is that it may increase your blood pressure. Chances of heart attack will increase with smoking. Chances of being diabetic patient will be more. Chances of lung cancer will be more in smoker because of carbon monoxide and nicotine.

Your immune system will also be affected. Smoker feel elder than non smoker of their age. Resistance power against diseases will be reduced.

Another issue is that work capacity of your brain will be reduced. Study shows that smokers will start losing their memory at the age of 50. Stress problem is common in smokers. Sometimes it leads to minor depression. Smoking creates only problems. So be deterministic and quit smoking for good.


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Atmos said...

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Atmos said...

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eashan wali said...

Smokers believe cigarettes are stress busters. But, it isn’t. The truth is, it blocks your mind, makes you more irritated and slows down your thinking process. It doesn’t relieve you from any kind of stress, but builds on more stress. Overall, it leads to mental decline.